The Martingale Dog Collar

Some dog parents may not be aware of a specific type of pup collar called the Martingale.   So I want to take this opportunity to spread awareness and expound on the martingale’s usefulness in canine training; and introduce MOBFs very bad-@$$ version of the collar - The Poochie.  

In a nutshell, The martingale is a type of collar that provides more control over the dog without the risk chocking and when used properly is cruelty-free.

The martingale collars’ functionality comes from two loops.  One for the collar and the other for the chain.  The smaller loop constricts if the dog pulls making the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck, thus preventing escape and/or controlling any spastic movements.  When properly fitted, the collar will be loose enough to be comfy on the pup, provided that he/she is not pulling against the leash.  It's simple enough, but it works.

Since using the Poochie martingale collar while training our 3 year old Doberman Jaxx, and his trainability and progress is drastically improved.  Plus, our martingale collars are tres chic as they are inspired by famous high fashion designers that you've surely heard of :)

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