Cuban Link Gold Dog Chains Necklaces by My Other Best Friend

Cuban link chains originate from the hip-hop jewelry scene that began in the 70's and 80's.  Many still consider Cuban link necklaces a huge presence in modern hip-hp fashion.  Rappers the world over have claimed that they popularized the Cuban link chain, but most of these claims are dubious at best.  In reality no one really knows where they originated, but it's safe to say that their popularity has never maned, and will continue to rise.

Pets appreciate luxury too.  Made with brass and plated with faux-gold - Gold Chain Dog Necklace (below) is made to last and will turn heads everywhere you go.

Gold Dog Chain Necklace

For those who want their pups looking more sleek than stylish, there's also the Silver Chain Dog Necklace (below).

Silver Dog Chain Necklace

as well as Rose Gold Chain Necklace.

These chains feature a push gate swivel clasp that make it easy to put on your dog while showing off their incredible style and swag.  Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of the many variations of Cuban Link Dog Chain Necklaces available exclusively at My Other Best Friend; all handmade in the U.S.A.

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